Helping the uninsured and the underinsureds in your neighborhood

Who we are
Welcome to the Community Assistance Program (CAP). We are an organization set up to help the uninsured and the underinsured in your community. Our CAP coordinators meet with community leaders, social service agencies, unemployment offices, churches clinics, hospitals and others who help people save money on necessary services.

Our outreach program was created by National Benefit Builders Inc of Florham Park, NJ. NBBi is a for-profit leader in the discount medical business and because of the work they do they are able to provide free discount prescription cards and will supply CAP with as many free cards as we can distribute to people who need help paying for prescription drugs. The card we distribute saves on average 55% on generics and 15% on brand-name drugs. It can be the difference between someone in need filling a prescription or doing without.

How to seek help from the Community Assistance Program:

 Linda Grinthal
 National Outreach Director
1. Tell us how many prescription drug discount cards you can     use, and we will mail them at no cost to you.

2. Let us help you raise money for your organization. We have an     excellent fund raiser program that involves very little work for the     organization in need of funding.

3. Let us tell you about how you can private label the card to your     organization.