Regional Outreach Coordinator
Helping the uninsured and the underinsureds in your neighborhood

Community Assistance Program is an outreach program of National Benefit Builders Inc. It was set up in response to the many requests NBBI gets for assistance to the needy. NBBI is a for-profit company, established in 1994, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They provide discount health, dental, vision and prescription products to the general public. It has become well-known that NBBI offers free discount RX cards and rather than having the staff at NBBI fielding questions and sending out these cards, Community Assistance Program was established just to take care of these requests, and to distribute the discount cards to as many needy people as possible. All CAP does is distribute free cards, answer questions about how to use them, help people compare drug prices if they don't have internet access, and help find people the pharmacies with the best prices on the RX they need. Also CAP chooses several large organizations per year that it assists in fundraising using the RX cards. CAP never charges for any of these outreach services.

We look forward to providing you with this quality program.

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